Monday, 15 February 2016

A Full Life at Home


In one of my last blogs I wrote that I’d not been able to find much free time to write a blog since the Christmas and the New Year. And it looks like I may find that 'finding the time' continues to get harder.

I’m writing this one to try and explain, and putting in some pictures. 

For those of you who do like catching up with my peripatetic Greek-Australian life,  I’ll probably take up writing blogs about it again, slowly at first, but with more energy when I get back to Greece.

Here are some reasons for my absence from the blogsphere.

And, always when in Melbourne we find ourselves was caught up in family events. Some involved entertaining here at our home. Others, because schools in Australia have their long summer holiday in January involved having grandchildren to stay. Both these activities take time and energy, but are filled with joy.


One trip with grand daughters involved going to a farm where you pick your own fruit. It was blueberry time and we brought bags full home and made blueberry filled meringues. 



We have made some good friends since moving to Emerald. This summer we've taken trips out with some, to some nearby sights, or spent time at home having a BBQ or just coffee and chat.

Then on top of that I've just run a children’s dance/drama workshop here in Emerald. 

The story was a fantasy, very lightly based on the history of this area for in the early days gold was found near Emerald. 

The children acted out a hold-up by bushrangers who stole the gold a family had found when gold panning. The gold was on its way to a bank in Melbourne.

But the big time waster is my writing.  I’ve been trying to finish the first draft of a whodunit (a cosy mystery) I’ve set in Lemnos. This takes hours and hours and I’ve been doing that rather than think about my blog!

I’d not been the Melbourne Art Gallery for years and I loved taking my granddaughter there


Reading is always relaxing. 
I’ve managed to read a few whodunit books, and books about writing whodunits - guess why!

 And I always find gardening relaxing, even weeding. More about that later.

Plus I’ve visited a couple of new gardens. A waterlily park, and St. Earth, an ‘old English Garden’ hidden in bushland an hours’ drive from Melbourne.


So Beautiful. I'm now making myself a mini water garden. Just one waterlily in a pot.