Thursday, 22 May 2014

Dawn on Lemnos

Dawn On Lemnos
The Goddess of Dawn!


               NOT the new dawn political party!


        The sun comes up over the mountains and life begins to stir in Myrina



Delphic Dawn (from Ion)

Euripides (480-406 B.C.)

Translated by Ronald Frederick Willetts


Look, now the sun’s burning chariot comes

Casting his light on the earth.

Banned by his flame, the stars flee

To the awful darkness of space.

The untrodden peaks of Parnassus,

Kindling to falem, receive for mankind

The disk of the day.


We are back on the island and already we are feeling at home here. Perhaps is it the sounds of Lemnos that most make me feel I’m somewhere else, not in Melbourne Australia. There are the sounds that are completely lost in a big city: such as the cockerels calling to each other even before the sun rises. Soon the birds begin to chatter. Of course there are sparrows but also a bird the locals call Katerina. It has a repetitive chirping that is quite aggressively and soon gets me out of bed.

I like to go for a walk before breakfast and I find that I am not alone for I join others who are taking their early morning constitutional. The local ladies like this time of day to go for a short walk with their friends – before the business of the day really starts. At eight they will accompany their young children to school and the chatter around our house now is not of birds but of young children walking to school.
Soon we will hear the motorbikes and cars, and be deafened as the street-sellers passing the house, blaring out descriptions of their wares as they drive past: bamboo kareclas (bamboo chairs), or freska psaria (fresh fish), a noise that always seems to set the local dogs barking.
                 Morning, and pet sheep get their breakfast - left overs from a nearby taverna


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