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Lemnos: more than beaches


Lemnos: more than beaches


In one of my blogs I talked about alternative tourist activities. The old style Greek tourism emphasised Sea and Sunshine

And because of this many just associate Greece with Sea and Sunshine

Yes I know, nothing can beat the Greek waters! But....

But, for something new go inland and try mountain climbing

view of the island from the mountains

Mountain Climbing

climbing the mountain

Mountains hold their own delights, including an abundance of herbs such as thyme, oregano and rosemary, as well as honey that cannot be rivaled.

some rocks grusome and fearsome

witches turned into stone!

Plus on the mountains are many hill top churches. Elias is one church that is always perched on the very highest mountain top. And you will find a way to walk up to this church as on the evening of the 19th many will climb up to celebrate Agios Elias day, the 20th July.

the small church at the end of the climb

On Lemnos there are many chapels dotted all over the island, each the location of a ritual celebrated on some day or other during the year.


Another high on the hill that we have just visited is Panagia Kavaviosta. This Marian chapel is in a cave on the top of a hill. There is a half hour walk to get there, and the views of the island are magnificent.


Sea Excursions

Multi-island cruises. Greece has over 400 islands, not just the main five that everyone knows about.


view of the red rocks from Anemos

We have just taken a trip around the Lemnian coastline in the good ship Anemos. We left at ten in the morning and returned by five in the afternoon. The cruise included lunch and time for the kids and some others to jump off the boat and swim to shore and back.


don't forget your sun screen lotions

jumping!! on the boat and off the boat.

Anemos is a traditional 18 metres boat, constructed in 2001. It had some shaded areas but as you’ll notice I took an umbrella. Very Merchant and Ivory!!

Me, auditioning for the next Merchant and Ivory film!

Thermal Waters

And today we went with our grandchildren to Therma Spa. Here they played in an outdoor spa pool while their mothers took a thermal bath, and I drank coffee. This site is situated between three hills and the spa is surrounded by tall shady trees. It is a cool spot even on the hottest of days.



(I’m looking forward to the fete for our local, Agios Pandeleimonos, on the 26th of July. It is one of the best attended of all the island’s local gatherings. We usually sit on our balcony and watch the evening procession pass by. First there will be a number of priests carrying crosses, and then a couple of small local bands leading the throng of participants around the bounds of the village.)


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