Thursday, 11 September 2014

September: Peace and Coolness

September: Peace and Coolness

A Sudden Change

Mid-summer madness in the kitchen!

Busy, busy, busy on the streets

Takis and I can hardly believe the change that has come within a week. The crowds of beach lovers have gone. The taverna’s are no longer beating out loud music over loud speakers at the beach in the evenings, and it is possible to again park in the town. The first week we were still exhausted from the summer, but now we are recovering and getting back some of our energy.

Moreover we are having lovely sunny days with warm winds. For us September and May are when the island is at its most beautiful; peaceful and cool enough to enjoy it.

Now cool enough to fire up the furno again

Return to Normal?

This week the local schools have gone back after the summer holidays. The beaches are empty, and the roads clear. It’s still sunny, about 25, and not cold by any means. It is still swimming weather. The Agora still has a few tourist shoppers but the locals are predominating.

 A Repeat of May Activities

In May our American guests made bread for us

Just like our May guests, our latest guests are going to the beach nearly every day, and they are also interested to fire up the furno and use it again to make bread and pizzas.

September cook up, cookies, bread, and pizzas













Oat cookies









The Joys of Autumn

The quinces ripen

Some European tits have returned to the garden (Great Tits?).There are dry leaves on the paths, and the creepers are beginning to turn red. Under the fig tree are squashed over ripe figs, and on the quince tree the fruit is ripening. I must gather them before we leave to make some quince and apple compote.

The Sadness of Autumn

Creepers colour

Leaves fall
Autumn is a time when the garden packs up for winter. Some plants are drying up and dropping seeds that will grow (self-sown) next year. And soon Anestis will be planting his winter vegetables. We too will soon be packing up to return to Australia and so it’s a partly sad time for us. But, seasons and times change and the next one is something to look forward to.
We took our guests to Agios Yannis taverna - empty but still lovely!

The only ones at a taverna
Empty Beaches

The heat has gone
And autumn’s here.
Tavernas are empty
And beaches clear
A line of ‘brellas

Along the shore,
With lonesome lounges
And tourists no more.
Two heads bob waves

Out in the sea -
Too cold to swim
For people like me.
The sun is pale
And a mist hangs low,

The sea is grey
And the surf’s like snow.
The year’s not spent
But summer’s gone,
The few that swim

Will leave before long.

Soon Tavernas and ‘brellas
Will be packed away
‘Till summer next
When tourists stay.

Julia Catton.



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