Friday, 16 January 2015

Over 70 with Style

Over 70 with Style
 On Slowing Down
I am a retiree but not taking it too easy. Right now I’d love to be able to settle down for a full day of writing, or even to post one or two blogs, but January tends to be as busy as December. I for one am still getting over Christmas, plus doing some summer holiday grandchild minding.
Happy Grandparents

We want to return to our Greek house again this year, but we are getting older, and that means having to slow down and jobs take a little longer. So we took longer to make up our minds before booking our ticket to return to Greece in 2015. But now it is done, and we will leave here after our Australian Easter, and arrive just before the Greek Easter, which falls one week later this year.


However we will be making some changes to our usual schedule. We will only be going for three months (not our usual six months) and we are not going overdo the guest list. At our time of life its time to pace ourselves (15 guest in one year, and five at a time is a bit over the top!)
Greece Here we come Again! (in April)

On Getting Older

Getting older has its problems. Though you do not want to keep focusing on the problems the body you have lived with, the one that has looked after you all these years, now needs constant monitoring.  

The main problem is that the soul fights against the slow deterioration, and would rather like to preserve the body forever. The answer? To enthusiastically still be yourself, for the time at your disposal; be yourself even if your body aches, or your eyesight falters; be yourself with joyful élan even if your knees and hips need replacing.

The Benefits of Old Age?
Aging is something we all do, and our lives will diminish. Friends will to tell you about their aches and pains, and some loved ones will have already died. But the next generation gives us motivation, and nature still inspires.  And, from the vantage point of full maturity, you have the opportunity to have a wider viewpoint, if you so chose.
Dress Happy
Having time to wander around a supermarket, look at the price, the country of origin, and whether the contents are high in fats and sugars, before deciding to buy the item!

Not having to be responsible for planning ahead for all the family, and even being able to let someone else lead the way and get you to the bus/train/plane in time!
Keep Raging

Knowing enough about a number of subjects that you can sense from the first few pages or the first five minutes whether the article or book or TV program is worth pursuing!

Having enough clothes in your wardrobe that you can dress somewhat appropriately (or outrageously) for country or town, winter or summer.

And, if you have always been intimidated by your doctor, your dentist, your next door neighbors, your priest or even by your newsagent – sure that you will bungle the sentence or drop in at the wrong time – it is useful to know that you are now older than them, and its now easier to repeat the sentence or laugh of a mishap!

 Over 70 with Style

Birds come to the feeder,
Red headed, green winged -
Beautiful and demanding.
I look at their colors,
They have my attention.
 ‘Give me seed, feed me now.’
And I feed them.

I could retire,
Give up on fashion and desire.
But even at seventy
I’ll get more attention
If I dress like a peacock,
And make demands.
Never too late to be noticed.

Julia Catton
Fashionable Me!

(Have a look at <> a blog about some fabulous ladies over 60, peacock ladies with style.)

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