Monday, 27 April 2015

My Lemnian Spring Garden

My Lemnian Spring Garden

The Grape Arbour pruned and leafless
The cherry tree coming into bloom

When we arrived a week ago I was thrilled to see the irises in bloom, and the wisteria decorating the pergola. Sights I’ve not seen in either of my gardens for years as we always miss early spring in both places. This year we arrived early enough to see the cherry trees blooming in my Lemnian garden.

I went out to look for a few flowers to put in the house (a house without flowers or plants inside is asleep) and I could only find irises which are already going past their best, but there was some lilac and only a couple of budding roses.

It was still a bit cold at night to plant out tomatoes (down to 8C some nights) but Anestis and I decided to risk it as this garden is sheltered and the days are often sunny. I think we made a good decision as today the weather seems to have turned the corner up here in the Northern Aegean and it is heading for a top of 20C. There are spaces where I have to renew herbs, and perhaps plant more vegetables so I’d better soon visit my favourite plant nursery.

This year I've realised that plants and especially trees die here not just because of the snow and cold but also from the strong winter winds. We've lost a couple of trees this winter, one tall pencil pine and one bottlebrush. I've heard about these Lemnian winds but we haven't ever experienced them at their worst. Newly planted trees have to be well anchored with very large posts to stop them moving and breaking their root systems.

Wild cherry blossom
Chamomile dasies
However the garden has now developed enough that enough that one or two gaps don’t show. The pergola is bare but small green shoots show that by summer it will be giving us shade. Many trees are now nearing maturity, with signs that there will be fruit later in the year. Bulbs and self-seeding flowers colour the beds along the paths, and the hot garden is awash with flowering succulents, and it’s a joy to be in my Lemian Garden again.





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