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My Lace Curtains

My Lace Curtains


Women’s Work


In his book Deeds of Men Christos Kasolis writes about the deeds of women. He writes that,
In their daily routine of housework, women did a lot of chores which defined their traditional role. Women prepared the bread dough, transported it on wooden planks pinakoti to the community oven, where they had it baked and where other women, bakers took care of the rest. They washed at community laundries, places you could find in every village, built next to the communal water spring or well. In addition to the laundry which was washed in the carved stone basins of the facilities, the women found a chance for togetherness and amusement. They also made food supplies, like noodles, dried figs, whole fruit in syrup, as well as useful and pretty embroidered items such as lace and a variety of needlework.

Pretty nets, for the kitchenette

Lace-Making Styles



A lace maker
In Christos’ book are illustrations of one type of lace making using bobbins, but there are many others. I’m interested in lace making as I used to crochet, with a hook, and tat with a shuttle. I made a lot of table mats most of which were given away as presents. Lace work is often added to embroidered cloths, as inserts, and various thickness of threads make it light as a feather, or heavy enough for a bedspread.

Crochet work


This was once a lace shawl bought in the Agora.

Two styles in the bathroom. Machine made and handmade over the panes

An Old Craft


A peice made by my neigbour

Curtains she made for her house
My neighbours on Lemnos have shown me their lace work prepared as part of their dowry. When they made these beautiful items they were younger, and their eyesight was good, and they made curtains, tablecloths and bed spreads. One kind lady has opened up her bottom drawer and taken out items to show one or two of my overseas guests who have a similar interest in lace-work. I think this is an art that is being lost as nowadays most people’s evening relaxation tends to be around a TV, or out in a local bar.

Different Styles for Different Rooms

On the middle floor, with pictures of Takis grandfather and greatgrandmother.

On old lace curtain in our dining room
In our house I have a lot of net and lace curtains. Some are hand made and old, some are machine made and other ordinary net. I have sourced them from various places but they add something special to each room.

I bought these curtains from a passing Russian salesman

And six pairs of net curtain for the top floor windows, all from Ikea

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