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Rocks and Flowers

Rocks and Flowers

I was reading Heidi Gildemeister’s book when looking up her comments on apricot trees and I found myself reading again the chapter on ‘Gardening among Rocks’. And I thought ‘that’s what we have to do here.’ As she writes ‘any mediterranean gardens are distinctly rocky.’
She goes on to write that rocks have a highly sculptural quality, and that they provide good growing conditions for roots to find a cool root rut and secure anchorage.


A plant finding a cool root run

                                                                                    A plant taking advantage of a cooler spot

We do not have the outstanding rocky outcrops of her garden, which enhance her designs, but we did have an abundance of rocks to build walls and edge paths.

No rocky outcrops in our garden

As I consider what we have done I’ve noticed I used the following as guidelines.

Traditional Japanese Gardens?


An exquisite Japanese style garden

                                                                                                A traditional use of rocks
Not for me in the Mediterranean


Traditional Rock Gardens?

Not for me, too much weeding


Beautiful to look at but what a lot of work!
The traditional rock garden, well weeded!
In Crevasses as in Nature?


Yes, good idea, translated to pots


A cactus mimicking a crevasse plant

Pelargoniums always work well in a mediterranean garden

In or On Walls?


That too suits our Lemnian garden, where we have stone walls in abundance. I have found that the walls and pillars give some shade at certain times of the day. Plus offering a wonderful aesthetic combination; a solid background against which the colour and texture of the flowers are enhanced.


The front wall and a climing morning glory plant





The back wall and yellow Canna Lillies












Around Stone Pillars

Again we have used this idea a lot in our mediterranean garden. Our pillars give shape and height to the garden, plus and shaded beds at their foot, and a place for flowers to nestle or climb, offering shade on nearby terraces and paths.

Roses and pillars, how classic!

Pillars, gravel, and succulents


A magnolia flower with our stone house in the background


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