Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June Greening

        June Greening
June grasses are golden

Our cherry tree late April

Cherry tree in June (only one cherry though! Perhaps more next year.)







June and the roadside trees are sprouting at last











Alkinoos’ Garden

From The Odyssey, book v111   Homer, 9th century B.C.

Translated by Robert Fitzgerald


To left and right, outside, he saw an orchard
closed by a pale – four spacious acres planted
With trees in bloom or weighted down for picking:
pear trees, pomegranates, brilliant apples,
luscious figs, and olives ripe and dark.



The greening in our Vegetable Garden

After the vines came rows of vegetables

of all the kinds that flourish in every season,

and through the garden plots and orchard ran

channels from one clear fountain, while another

rushed through apipe under the courtyard entrance

to serve the house and all who came for water.

These were the gifts of heaven to Alkinoos.  

Quoted from Greece In Poetry, edited by Simoni Zafiropoulos


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