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Two Villages: Organisation of the Everyday

Two Villages:Organisation of the Everyday


Administration Offices


This is a suburb in the Greater Melbourne area, 44 km south-east from Melbourne's central business district. A large reservoir, Melbourne’s second largest, is also included in the Emerald area.
The huge, and largely empty new police station! They could learn a lesson from Myrina and put a few other service in this building.

Emerald’s main administration is by Cardinia and Yarra Ranges Shires. They collect the council rates. Electricity and water supplies are by private companies. The Shire of Cardinia is a local government area in Victoria, Australia. There is a local primary school and one high school, though many local children travel to schools in other districts.
Emerald High School
Emeral Park Lake


Lemnos one of five regional units within the Northern Aegean Regional Area. The Northern Aegean Region administration has its center on the island of Lesvos. Lemnos is one of the regional units and includes the islands of Lemnos and Agios Efstratios and a few smaller, uninhabited islands, in the Aegean Sea.  

Councl Chambers Myrina
Myrina is the main town in the Lemnos regional unit. Council rates are within the electricity rates and that and water and sewerage rates are paid to the main administrative building that also houses the police and pensions. There are three primary schools and one high school, these schools service the whole island.
The Telephone Offices next to the National Bank of Greece
The main admin' building housing police, pensions, water and electricity
Myrina High School


Organisation for Everyday Living


For most of our time here there were no real estate offices but recently a couple have started up. There is a large hospital, and several medical establishments. There is one large and one smaller supermarket and there are two plant nurseries. There are bus services to other villages on the island and to the airport. There is also a ferry terminal.
 A cafe in the central square, that also houses a number of banks and Ote, the telephone company.


Buying and selling houses happens more regularly and there are three very busy real estate offices. There is no hospital but one large clinic and a couple of other small medical centres. There is one large and one smaller supermarket and there are two plant nurseries. Public transport consists of a bus service which can take you to the city or to other local towns where you can catch a train to Melbourne.
Emerald Post Office, Electricity bills can be paid here.

Organisations for the Like-Minded



There is a small local drama group, and players come from Athens to perform plays in an old amphitheatre at Hefestia, There are small paria groups, who often meet, walking, Rotary, Women’s groups and so on. There is no cinema in either village but sometimes films are shown in Myrina in the large hall.
The Bishops Palace! Myrina
Myrina Museum.
The Main Orthodox Church, Myrina


There is a well organised theatre group with its own theatre and they put on about 4 or 5 plays a year. There is also an organised art and garden group with regular meetings in an Art Centre. There is no cinema but Emerald also has a museum and also a very busy Communty Center that offers a number of classes for adult. Also once a year Emerald also holds an Arts Festival.


A war memorial next to the Returned Servicemens Centre
The Emerald monthly market.
The Gem, the Emerald Local Theatre

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