Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Local Ladies Bus Trip (plus some husbands)

The Local Ladies Bus Trip (plus some husbands) 


You may be familiar with white painted Greek Churches, but have you looked inside them? One in Myrina harbour is lit at night, a white church high on a hill. This church looks out towards Mount Athos on the mainland. Another well known Lemnian church, just below the Casto we can see from our house. This was erected in 1925 by Takis' Grandfather


Once when my son was visiting we realised that grandfather George's name was wearing off so Chris went with some cousins to ink his name in again.

But Greek churches are more than just white painted buildings. When you enter them you'll be amazed; by the chandeliers, the paintings, and icons. So when I was told the local ladies were visiting churches on their annual bus trip I joined them.

Winding through narrow streets with only inches to spare on each side of the bus.


The ladies from the part of Myrina where we live take a tour around the island each year.  Each year they choose a different theme, this year it was historic but less visited churches.

Inside each there was so much to look at;  saints on pillars on ceilings and walls and all the paintings glowed in the light of the chandeliers.


The paintings were often very old and intricate


There were old and new icons

And beautiful and skillfully embroidered cloths


And now and then we'd stop for coffee or lunch!

A Great Day was had by all!



on the island.

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